Doula Princess
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Doula Care

Birth and Postpartum doula support has become an intricate part of the maternity care model. Providing physical, emotional and informational support that empowers the birthing & postpartum family is what I'm most passionate about. My role is to honor mothers with nurturing care that instills confidence in birthing, mothering and recovering.


BelleBind tm

Bangkung Belly Binding is an ancient postpartum art -- intended to slim the ribcage, belly and hips after childbirth. 

0 to 6 weeks post-birth, is the only time when your body naturally burns fat at 7x times higher than the normal rate.  Belly Binding maximizes your body’s healing power with Warmth & incomparable Support!


My mission

to serve and support families on their journey through parenthood.


Family Love Notes 

" Princess was so helpful, caring and provided a wealth of knowledge for us in our first days as parents. She came into our home and immediately took care of our needs...."

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