The Doula

Rooted in history as one who serves others, a doula was often "A mothers Servant." The doula is charged with providing loving support and comfort to the laboring woman as well as offering guidance and nourishment to her in the early postpartum months. 

I was called to be a Doula before I was a mother myself. Now as a mother, I offer unique perspective and experience to my pregnant and post-birth mamas. I am a professionally trained doula and baby care educator with a LPN nursing background and extensive education in the sacred postpartum arts. These skills allow me to provide one of a kind support to mothers in all stages! 

 My doula care-- couples birth and postpartum support to honor women, in all phases of Motherhood, by catering to their pregnancy and post-birth needs with a wide range of Doula services.  

I provide birth and postpartum support for both hospital and homebirth clients. Certified as LA's premier Belly Wrap Artist.

Every mother is deserving of care that is customized to her needs and that makes her feel empowered and confident.