How do the postpartum shifts work?

Upon arrival as your doula, I will take inventory of what needs done around your home. We will also take a brief moment to discuss anything you wish to be accomplished in our time together, be it light laundering, a how to on bathing your newborn or meal preperation. I will then handle whatever I am able to in our two (2)- three (3) hours together. I usually recommend a notepad is kept on your nightstand or kitchen table where you write those things you may need assistance with as they come up so that when I arrive you, "Mommy brain" doesn't prevent certain things to get checked off your mental to-do list.

As a Birth Doula will you replace my partner?

Not at all! As your Birth Doula, I am an intricate part of your medical team. Whether you are planning a home, birth center or hospital birth, as a doula my job is to enhance the relationship of the couple and to support the mother by providing comfort and evidence based information. Often times I am able to offer partners a visual example of how to be during labor and offer encouragement that empowers both mother and partner to work as a team through out the birthing experience.

Will the BelleBind increase chances of Prolapse?

The very design and nature of the BelleBind is to offer support to the pelvic floor and sex organs. The pressure that is applied from the BelleBind is not just applied to the mid-section of the abdomen but rather from the hips to just under the breasts. The BelleBind is wrapped from bottom to top, therefore lifting up the sagging abdominal muscles providing support to the pelvic floor and keeping the weight from excess water retention and skin from pushing down on the bladder and uterus. Hence it actually helps to decrease your risk of bladder/uterine/rectal prolapse and some may even say prevents it.

What does a BelleBind session look like?

One of the packaged BelleBind sessions usually last up to an hour. Depending on the package you get will determine what is included in your session. The consistent elements are that you try to give the newborn baby a full feeding session before your wrap artists arrival and that you shower before too. You are then asked to lay down for your abdominal/Uterine therapy rub with warming oils while aromatherapy and soothing music fill the air. Once oil is applied you are asked to stand for the application of the wrap, which takes less than 10min to do. Once wrap is on you are encouraged to limit movement and rest as your body heals and closes post-birth.