Family Love Notes

I am so thankful to the families I work with for sharing such private and special moments with me. Their kind words warm my heart.


Erin & Ben S.

"Princess was so helpful, caring and provided a wealth of knowledge for us in our first days as parents. She came into our home and immediately took care of our needs-- our bags were unpacked, our food prepared, our baby comforted."

Laurentine & James Bosh

"Princess was the only local belly binder in our area. She visited us every two days for twenty days to help contract the uterus and bring the organs back into position as safely and quickly as possible. Along with a healing meditation during the massage."

Lane R.

"The Love Wrap BelleBind gave me a chance to honor my body after pregnancy by helping me heal & transform into my new body after baby."

Bonnie P.

"We hired Princess as a post-partum doula for the the birth of our second child. I found her to be incredibly caring and knowledgeable--just what a new momma needs after giving birth. Princess was also fantastic with our older daughter. She still asks when we are going to ask Princess to come back!"


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Andie G.

"Princess is an amazing doula! From the moment she came into my house, I felt a warmness about her. She was calm, loving, caring & nurturing. Taking care of babies and mama, just comes naturally to her. Any family would be luck to have her."